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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Journal 10

God, oh my God!! You are soooooo good! Wooo! No fear now! Haha!
Today, Holy Spirit revealed this to me:
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy. The law enforcer is dead but not the substitute!!!! Ahahahahahahahaha!!! My spiritual mom got drunk on that today when I texted her. So great!! Glory!!
I've been really frustrated lately. I hate how people talk about Jesus like He's so distant. He's not. He's so close, He's our breath. Shoot, He's closer than our breath! Get a hold of that, Church! Wake up!!
I'm sick and tired of religion. I'm sick and tired of working and striving and trying really hard and doing doing doing doing. That's done. OH MY GAWSH, I'm tired of songs that don't even know what they say at all and are totally contradictory to themselves. I'm gonna write a poem about it. We sing, "I'm free...set me free Jesus. I'm me one more time, Jesus. You are love and became my sacrifice that cleanse me so I could be as close as You are to the Father...make me pure and bring me closer." What?? What IS that junk?! People who don't know who they are, that's who! Ha! Goddddddddddddddddddddddddd, guys. WAKE UP, BEAUTIFUL BRIDE OF CHRIST!
I'm sick of getting my toes stepped on. They're broken and I can't simply walk. I gotta try really hard and watch myself that way. Dumb. I'm done with you, religion! Hahahahahahaha! YOU'VE BEEN SHOT!
I'm sick of the beautiful Bride of Christ being told she's ugly and stupid and needs to get with it. Tell those that are telling Her that that they are! Brood of vipers, you fakes! The spotless Bride is made spotless by the spotless King that became her sacrifice. She's beautiful, she just realizes that more and more and manifests her knowledge, her beliefs. Get your theology back, Church!
That's secularization there, doing, working, striving, guilt tripping, controlling. BLEH!
Jesus, You've WON me, You've broken EVERY chain! WOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP!
That's what makes me wanna dance and be a fool and perform miracles and speak in tongues. Not my duty to because there's more to spiritual life or whatever. Woahh.
Peace floods like a river, like a MIGHTY gust of wind.

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