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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Prayer Over Satanic Words

Tonight, I saw an argument on a Facebook post that really stirred me. All kinds of fowl names were being thrown around and the argument itself shouldn't have even manifested, but what one person was saying to other was so untrue of God's creation, it's...doing something to me. All it was was judgment being tossed around out of spite and hurt and loneliness and bitterness and brokenness and human nature. It ended in one telling the other they had no reason to live because of their petty argument and lack of grammatical ability and therefore, they should go kill themselves.

Those words are so jarring to me. These people are forgiven through Jesus (I haven't the slightest clue if they've accepted this reality) and talk to each other like scum. And neither one of them is scum anymore because of His cleansing blood. Body, it hurts so much when anyone tells God's creation they are worthless. They should not be asked to rid themselves of this world. What good is there if Jesus isn't the Savior? None, but He IS the Redeemer! Man, these kids are so saved but they have no clue!

I'm praying that they WILL know, and especially that this girl will not be moved to action by these satanic words.

Dear sweet, sweet Jesus,

I pray a windstorm of revelation in these kids' lives. I pray that the atmosphere around them literally change so that love may be tangibly known and seen. I pray Your supernatural natural provision over this girl's heart and I pray protection over her body. I pray, in Your name, Savior of the universe, that from her belly would come the revelation of living water. I pray that she would know how precious and loved and cherished and redeemed she is, so much so that it completely wrecks everything she's ever known. I pray that the fear that will come with that be removed and revealed for what it is: meaningless. I pray so much joy and peace and realization of Your sufficiency, right where she is tonight, whatever's she's doing. I pray that Your Holy Spirit would guide her to run to You and to stay wrapped up in Your arms, in safety, in love, in perfect harmony. Lover, lover, lover, all in Your name, Amen.

May the peace that passes all understanding catch her up in a glory cloud.

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