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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Journal 9

Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory. Glory. And glory. And glory. Glory to glory.
Lately, I've been encountering some people who don't think they're worth anything. A ton of people actually. They think, even though they have a relationship with Christ, they still are nothing. They don't realize that His relationship with them defines them. They don't realize that He gave up EVERYTHING He had for them and they're literally all He has left. Woahhhh. They don't realize that they're so loved and cherished and adorned. They don't realize how close they are to Him.
That's what breaks His heart. He's so close to them but they tell Him he isn't and they need to do all the work because it's too good to be true for Him to be that close. They don't realize they're not fallen anymore. Woahhhhh. They don't realize what redemption really is. Woahhhh. They refuse to move because they're frustrated with how easy it is with Jesus. They're frustrated because they refuse to see Him in them. And some completely refuse to receive His forgiveness, committing the only unforgivable sin.
EVERYONE IS SOOOOO GLORIOUS. THEY JUST HAVE TO REALIZE IT! That's the job of the Holy Spirit and we just speak what He's revealing. Haha, woahhhhh! So much glory on that!
Goddddddddddddddd, oh  my God. God. God. God. God. God. It's so natural to be so close to You, right in bed with You. Dangggggg. So true, so real, so lovely. So perfect. Now, we see in a reflection but one day, the mirror will be removed and we'll see You for real and we'll realize how much we stinkin' look like You. You are us and we are You. Woahhhhh. All because of Jesus. By ourselves, nothing. But that's done and over with. Jesus redeemed us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooo! That's what makes me want to hoot an holler and "be charismatic and signs and wonders and tongues and..." Not beating myself up and saying that I have to do those things to be a real, normal Christian. I rest, trust, and oh my God, enjoy Him! THAT'S WORSHIP. We don't need to glorify Him. We just enjoy Him. Imagine if a wife decided she didn't want to enjoy her Husband anymore because she's just too bad to do that. Imagine if she decided she had to work before he could do anything nice to her. We all know that brides don't want that. We want grace, we want to love crazily, and to be loved crazily. We want the husband to initiate it and to do all the work. We want to be protected. THAT'S JESUS, FRIENDS. Woahhhhh, hallelujah! Haha!
We're so real in Him, it's ridiculous. Everything else, everyone else is fake. He's reality. He's life....woahhh, haha. Glory, glory. Everything I do is Him. Woahh. Every move I make I make in You because I am You, I am Yours. You created me and we are one. Hahahaha. You move me around like a puppet but I'm a real puppet. Bahahahaha.
I've also encountered people who have been dying, literally, to hear this Gospel glory greatness and it gets me so high on Him! Haha! A friend of mine and I just laugh everytime we're around each other because we enjoy Him and each other, like we're made to. Hahaha! It's so glorious! It encourages me that people are receptive, thank You Holy Spirit! It encourages me that people are listening and that people want it, and even that people are aggressive about not wanting it because that's real persecution. Someone telling you your ministry sucks isn't persecution. Someone wanting to hurt you or say bad things about you because of the reality that you are in Him is persecution. I have some amazing friends that are getting that. Wooo!
I'm sick of us telling people that they are precious and beautiful and not meaning it, just using it to lure them in. Like, "you're all those things, but only if you accept Christ." What? No! They're His creation, of course they're those things! They just need to see it in all it's fullness! Bahaha! They need to see the light that's in them, or theirs is hell! They need to renounce religion, which is the world. Ahahahahahaha.
No more darkness, no more night! Haha!
Oh, glory.................................................................................................................psh. There I go!

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