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Monday, November 19, 2012

Journal 8


I love You. I love You because You have a beautiful heart for everyone and everything. For me. I couldn't find a better lover. You are love itself, so a little "er" at the end...haha, take me to the ER because you kill me! THAT's what I love about You:  I can't write love notes to anyone else the way I do You. I can be fully me in front of You and no one else, at least not the way I'd like to. Because You know me so well since You created me, You know every utterance of my heart and soul and mind and body that needs to be fulfilled and fulfill it with a small whisper and breath. Your redemption saved my life and gave me life and You are my life. I'm hidden up in You and we get to run to Daddy as a pair of star-crossed lovers. How sweet! I get to be near to You because of Your pursuit of me and the Holy Spirit of God that is in me that reveals You to me. WHAT AN ENGAGEMENT RING YOU'VE GIVEN ME! I'M SO STOKED FOR OUR WEDDING DAY!!! You are every kind of lover I could have ever asked for because You knew me and my needs. BLAH! So much glooooooooooooooory here, Love! Ahahaha! Can we just giggle our butts off when I finally see You and hug You super tight and stuff?

Your Beloved,

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