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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Love God

Dear Jesus,
I compose this message to You because You deserve it. I suck but You rock and that's why everything's okay. You look at me as the righteousness of Your Father, God, and that's how I see myself. I'm so sorry for blowing You off because I know You just want to spend time with me, and I'm lame, lazy, and procrastinate. I know You want to take me out on fancy dates and romance me, and I ask that You teach me how to let You because sometimes I'm afraid of what You'll say to me, that I may be convicted. But that's the best part about You; You can always say what I can't. Thank You so very much for saving such a pitiful wretch like me. I love You! Give me opportunities to express that to You, love through me, and be glorified. You are so perfect, matchless in every single way. You are the perfect husband, lover, best friend, and dad before all others and I love You because You loved me first. Help me to truly humble myself before Your glorious throne, let no pride dwell in me. You are wonderful.
Your creation, Your glory,