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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Journal 4

Yay, it's Jesus time! Arise and shine!

I think it's just so lovely that He's my King. Ha, I get to bow down before Him and then sit in His lap. What other king does that? None but Jesus. Shooooooot dang. So good!

I just don't get involved in politics. I like to be informed and stuff, but I'd much rather spend my time getting people in on this sweet banquet instead of screaming my opinions and blowing up people's Facebook feed with everything but the King. And this goes for more than just politics. I'm convicted! I talk a lot about music and not particularly Jesus on my feed. And it's also beyond Facebook. Should I spend the night watching TV so I can stay informed or should I be out spreading the Gospel and encouraging the Body to fall more in love with their Maker? I think the later because Jesus did. Pay to Caesar what is owed him and move on.

Anyways, I really dig "My Dear" by Bethel Live. They've got so much spunk and they get the beauty of Jesus/the Gospel. And they also get how crazy supernaturally natural life can be! How wonderful! I've been tossing the idea around in my head to intern there either through their established program or on PRIME. That would be sweet. We'll see what the Lord has planned! He'll be faithful!

I'm learning a ton about praise. It's an outward expression of an inward condition of remembering. We remember what God did in OT times, what Christ did, what the Holy Spirit does, what God has promised in the End Times. When we remember, we jump, shout, yell, dance, sing, play instruments, lay down, stand up, lift our hands, kneel down to manifest the remembrance. Remembrance is an action in the Bible. Worship is calling out, "deep to deep." Praise helps us enter into worship. Ha! What glorious wonder that means! So mysterious, I love it.

I think we all long for mystery. Some of us don't want to know things because we prefer to keep it a mystery. We don't know how to manifest some knowledge that seems to great to know. We'd rather come off as mysterious to other people and keep our distance from Truth, rather define it for ourselves so people can't get too close. We don't want intimacy and relationship because society doesn't. We want a solution to our problems, to die, and that be it. What pity I have for those souls that think that way! What pity I have for those parts of me that still crave that way! We have the mind of Christ, we have the Spirit of God that searches all things and reveals all mysteries of the glory of God to us. We know it, we know it. We just need it revealed to us because of this fallen state that lives in the flesh. I don't think Jesus gave up knowing the glory of God to be with us here. I think He still knew. That's why He could look right past sinners, traitors, religious folk, and traitors that tried to trip Him up to us in the Scriptures, speaking the truth that is mysterious and cannot be comprehended in the mind alone. He had the mind of His own, God's. He had the mind of the Trinity. He could sense the Holy Spirit, He could feel God. He was equal with God. We are equal to God in our inheritance. We inherit the world as He does. He has all the power but He wants to give it to us. ALL of it. How crazy is that?! That He can sustain Himself completely off His own power and yet still have all of it to give to us. Never ending, unceasing, burning, firey, passionate, powerful love! Oh, what a soul we have!

You...You're everything I ever wanted, everything I ever needed. You're who I wanted to write all those sappy romance pages about. You're who I wanted all along because You're who I needed, Father, Lover, Jesus, Yeshua. Holy, I adore You. I love You so much, Dear. So much! I gladly accept Your engagement ring that is the Holy Spirit. It fits me well. It is fitting that it fits me well. Ha! It is well, it is SO well. :)

Love is coming for His Bride. And it's gonna freaking rule so hard. Get in the glory, friend!!!!

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