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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Journal 11

This morning, my spiritual mom and I texted and enjoyed the glory in each other. It was wonderful. I love her.
The fear of God is so on me right now...or I mean rather I'm realizing it. I'm in awe.
I hear Jesus laughing and it makes giggle so much.
I want to be open with all my heart to new revelation, not restricted by my own affections. I wanna exchange intimacy with everyone I meet. I wanna dig deep and fear more. And I wanna know more about obedience and stuff and where that all fits in and works with the finished work of the Cross.
God, send Your revelation for that again.
Woahhh. I just revel in Your revelation. Hahahahaha.
:D <--squinty ahahaha="ahahaha" big="big" eyes="eyes" grin="grin" p="p">

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