To Listen While Reading


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


There's a lot that's been on my mind lately about God. I've been revisiting His existence and just general arguments about the core of our existence, too. It's been really quite interesting, honestly.
In all of that, I've realized a few very important things.
One: Hope is one the most powerful forces ever. So many people give it up and live in fear in tons of ways.
Two: Man is responsible for his actions, not the will of God (per se...still unpacking it...).
Three: Man creates a whole heck of a lot of garbage philosophies and religions to try to cope with the way things really aren't at their core. Because he gave up hope and quit believing what God believed about His beautiful creation that He called good when He made them with His Word that is final and never changing.
Four: Man is truly one with God. Not that we are God in a completely dependent on ourselves, self-sufficient way, but in a completely dependent on God passively and moving in freedom of marriage with Him.
Five: That which brings about paranoia, lack of awe and thought, fear, and robot-like following (in ANY context, even that which I cannot yet see) in my life is not worth believing.
Thus, I still believe in God because I believe in His goodness and our goodness. I haven't given up on humanity and I'm not trying to change that which is already good. I'm not insane.