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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Journal 5

My mind is just blown by You, Jesus. You sold everything You have for me, for us. We're all You have left. And we get to be together forever in eternity. We are one because You are one with the Trinity. We are one because You freaking loooooooooooooove us! Your grace builds our house, Your forgiveness births our children. Your compassion keeps us warm and Your love invites and keeps others in. YOU are our foundation and our everything. You ARE everything. Ha! You are around every corner, You are every corner. You are the sun, You are the moon, You are the stars. You are earth, You are the real me. Woahhh.
Lord, come swiftly to reveal more to me. You've already come! Haha!

I just want to stare into the sun and get faded.
He wrote life and life abundant! I don't know why you didn't want it!

I am SO CLOSE to You because You are SO CLOSE to me.

We never moved on to service, He says.

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