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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Journal 7

Tonight, some girls on my floor and I watched The Notebook. I feel like I'm usually hesitant to watch certain romance movies because I know what they show and how easily your emotions can get terribly entangled in them. But I felt okay about watching this one, and now I know why.

Having seen it twice before, I knew what to expect. I did not, however, totally expect what Jesus showed me through it. Typically romance movies are very easy for me to see Jesus and His Bride in and I don't normally gain too much insight. It's more of a reminder type deal. With this movie, though, God's love was just so blown up, it was crazy.

The whole story, two people falling madly in love in the heat of a summer. They take separate paths because the woman buckles under pressure. He writes her every day for a year and she never gets the letters because someone interferes who think they know best (her mother). She meets a nice guy who can give her everything she wants, but not what she needs because he doesn't know the unutterable things she needs. He only sees as far as he exists; that of a practical and monetary driven world. His love is practical and feels real and well enough, but lacks the intense passion that her first love provides. When this new guy proposes, she accepts but is torn when she remembers her first love (sees a picture of him in a paper), so she goes running back to him and she finally consummates their original love. She forgets the world and their expectations for a few days, even her own expectations for herself, and pours out on him what he's been heart broken and longing for from the simplicity of her soul needing to. It's only when the person who thinks they know best (her mother) shows up and shames her that she remembers her commitment to her second love. She wrestles again with her torn heart, but eventually comes back to her first love for good, gaining everything she ever wanted and needed, birthing into the world new love children. And then we have the rest of the story, where she loses her mind, while he stays with her forever and always, begging her to remember by reminding her of who she is and who she loves. She remembers sometimes but only for bits of time. They finally die together, she fully remembering him. In their last moments together, she asks her first love if he thinks their love could do anything. Yes, it could do anything, he says. She asks if he thinks their love could take them away. Yes, it could, he says.

WOW. Read that and tell me you don't see Jesus all over that. Take out all the immoral parts and you get the passionate love story of Jesus relentlessly pursuing His Bride. His love is deep, His love is wide, and it covers us. His love is fierce, His love is strong, it is furious. His love it sweet, His love is wild, and it's waking hearts to life.

Jesus, I want to know You like this more and more, each and every day. I want Your love, I want Your burning passion, I want Your fire for me, and I want Your intimacy. I want to trust You and know that no matter how far I run, I'll always come back to and You'll be there right where we left off. I want to know You because You know me better than I will ever know myself. You are what completes me because You have everything I ever need and everything I ever want. You are my first Love. I love You, Lover of my soul.

Your beautiful Bride,

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