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Friday, January 25, 2013

Journal 22

I just praise You, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. I am totally humbled by Your ability, and Your ability even in me. I love that You love all Your children and that came and died for them all (everybody). You've made such beautiful, wonderful people. Some of them are related to me, others best friends, still others acquaintances, and yet others only faces or people I've seen. They're all beautifully made and have been given such sweet hearts all the same. I love what You love. Haha, with Your love.
I love that You love us all so dearly, intimately, and closely. I love how good You are, as a Lover, Father, Brother, name it, You're the best. I'm pumped to rest in Your physical chest one day. I'm pumped for more of eternity, even tomorrow.
I'm so pumped for where You have me now and even how things have changed so suddenly. I thank You that You're showing me what living outside of circumstances looks like, haha. I thank You so much that You're leading me into gentle, still waters in the green meadow, that Your rod and staff, they comfort me, Good Shepherd. I just love You.
I love how You're everywhere, even when I really don't feel like You are. You know...those religious places...hahahaha...nothing can separate us from You, even crappy religion (unless we choose it til death, or maybe not...). You are just so good, gentle, and full of love. I love seeing parts of You through other people. That's just so beautiful to me. Life wouldn't be nearly as exciting without bits of You in everything everywhere all the time. Wow. Wew. Holy crap, shoot. Jesus. Hehehehe.
My heart has just been so contented today. I haven't smiled a whole ton nor laughed, but I am just so content in my heart with You, Jesus. You are a glorious burden.
I want to spread joy throughout ALL the churches in my lifetime.
I love Love. :)

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