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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Journal 19

Today was a good day. I felt it's manifestation.
It was just a good day to chill and not do much of anything save hang out with people I love and internet surf and goof around.
A few girls and I got together to talk about Jesus, like 5 of us total I think. We talked about sweet things He's done in our lives, cat devotional reading, and relationships. It was awesome, I love my girls! They're so wonderful and I see what Holy Spirit is doing in the adventure that is their lives. And then three of us went into my room, talked about intimacy, and sang a song together. It was so lovely. I love those unplanned moments so much. When other people just are them in front of me and ask me to join in their party and enjoy what they're doing with them. Absolutely wonderful.
I was just reflecting a moment ago when I was looking at a few posts on my blog here and remembering when I first started this blog, where I was coming from and what my purposes were. I had no real purpose other than to feel like someone somewhere out there would want to read something clever I posted. I was trying and under religion. I remember saying things like "I'd like some readers but I know I don't deserve it," like somehow people shouldn't bother enjoying me, though I want them to. I used to try to be interesting instead of being me and letting people enjoy me for who I am. It seriously is just so much fun being me and doing this. I just hope that one day someone will read this and find it inspiring, me being my honest self and just talking with Jesus and speaking out Holy Spirit's revelation. That's all. I want my life to inspire people to seek pleasure in Daddy God through the Son Jesus by the power and revelation of Crazy Holy Spirit. That's all I really want in life. For my life to be fulllll of pleasure and love and adventure and romance and inspiration so people can read it like an epic adventure story book. And be inspired. Like I am. :)

Thank You, God, for making me like I am. I couldn't be anyone else because I'd be miserable. I know, I've tried. I love who You've made me, I love my soul, I love everything about me. I love Youuuuuuuu! Oh, great massive Lover! Your cross, what a massacre!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe, I heart You, Jesus. I long and love for You in alllll of my soul. JESUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna watch Alice in Wonderland and read the Hobbit and The New Mystics cause I love them all so much. And probably Your Word. hehe, yes!

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