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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Journal 20

Can I just say that I will officially be 20 years old in a few days? I'll have been alive for two whole decades. Crazy how time flies? Ha, that's why I'm eternal!!! Hahaha! Oh, You, Jesus. Being all good and stuff. :)
Last few days have been alright. Holy Spirit keeps reminding me how totally important it is that I hang with my Lover. I can feel Him so sad when I don't. And it's not a guilt trip thing like it would have been before. It's just that sadness He feels when I decide other lovers or things are better, or even that I can find Him somewhere else besides in me. So I took awhile yesterday to just chill with Him and it was so sweet. He's such a good Lover, really. Everything of mine is held in His hands fully. I just love being happy so much and I hate religion. Soooo much. It makes me confused and depressed because it tells me God is distanced from me if I don't do something for Him. He did all for me already, I just wanna soak in that!!! SO good He is. Glory glory glory, God God God. Look at all that life in Him!!!! I wish more people would smile in church. I'm sick of sad, emotional, or even angry pastors. I want happy pastors again. I want happy worship leaders again. I want happy people again. Says Jesus, every single day. There's sooo much life and we're still stuck on dying. Jesus was crucified, yes, but He was also raised and that means life forever now!!!! Wahoooo!!!! Haha, goodness world....You're all soooo loved. He rose for YOU!!!! Hehe, get on the ride of the life!!!
I really do just long to be happy with people and to bask in pressureless love. That's all I want my life to be about. That's it.
I think this will be all for today. I think I'm gonna practice some temperance here and move on. Love!!! Haha, gloray!

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