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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Journal 21

I am so tempted to just not post journals on here anymore because that last little post is all I want to say to the world. And to Jesus. And to me. Love is truly all you, me, and the world needs.
His gift of Christ is what defines us. I regard NO MAN according to the flesh anymore. They are redeemed. Oh, HAPPY DAY!
I am just so happy right now. His love is sweet and divine. He is so good. My heart is so contented in Him and His love for me and everyone in the world. Oh, sweet child of mine, He says! Haha, You're so sweet, Daddy!
The cool thing is that the other day, I told Him that I wanted Him to encourage me, instead of me trying to do it myself or looking for it. So boom, He did, like He always does. In short, an overwhelmingly positive email was sent about me, my friends have been so incredibly sweet and supportive, and I am so totally pumped and encouraged about this semester with things. He is so good. His love is sweet. You are sweet, Jesus, Lover of my soul. Keeper of my soul. Divine. Mystical. Union. Love. Love. Love.
Love, oh Love, I want You to know that You're as beautiful as the winter snow.
You are too because I am in you and you in Me! -Jesus

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