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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Journal 31

There's just so much beautiful change happening right now up in the air and the heavenlies (revelation of them...). There's seriously just all kinds of love manifesting in my life. In just about every way possible that I know of. Haha, it's so good.
I'm refocusing, relearning, not assuming anything, and realizing that I ought to be enjoyed. I'm tired of being pressured to be more "spiritual" or "sanctified" or even to force myself to let God love me. It's all meant to be pressureless because love is not pressure. It's gentle, it is not rude, it is not is patient and kind. It keeps NO record of the wrong I may do or have done. So right. It's so right. Love, joy, peace. Faith, hope, love. No fear, no guilt, no shame, no pressure. Lovely love. Love that you actually want to be loved by. Why try to make love exist outside of itself? Because we worship a false idol that isn't love. We worship fear, guilt, shame, and pressure because we think those are good motivators. We focus on results and not the journey. When you miss the journey, you miss everything. When you focus on the results, you won't be able to see them correctly. We journey and results flow, but we don't always understand them and we certainly cannot manufacture them in some assembly line of "this is how you do God...I'm right, they're way or the highway cause that's what Jesus says..."
Love, Jesus, Love, Jesus. Jesus, Love. Love Jesus. Love Love Love Love Love.
Love, oh Love, I want You to know that You're as beautiful as winter greenery and scenery. You're as beautiful as springtime bird songs. You are beautiful like the summer heat and rain. You are beautiful like the stars that You created. You are beautiful like everything, like all of our dreams, all our of everythings. You whisper sweet everythings into our ears and lay with us. You are passion and You are kindness. You are goodness. You are amazing. You are loved by Your Bride and You are confident of this. You don't ask for more...You awaken us to knowing that we want to give to You what You already gave to us. You want us to realize that You sustain Yourself...we know that even as the Son knows that...You sustain us and everything...You love the Holy Spirit because it's Your personality manifested.
I don't even understand...

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