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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Journal 30

Time for some thoughts here. Two things.
One: It's a new season in my life and I'm stoked for what's ahead and what I'm leaving behind. Puuumped up.
Two: I want to talk about the spirit of the antichrist. I feel like so many people are so afraid of it and think it's just the world being "itself" or something. I've started thinking about it ever since a popular band got called false prophets and the like. And if I'm honest, I was wondering myself if there wasn't a spirit of antichrist present. Looking back, I'm not sure if it's so much that as ignorance. But I wonder... I think the spirit of the antichrist is just that... anti Christ and everything's He did! Anti finished works and grace. It's all self effort, that's all it comes down to. It's pinning ourselves up on the cross and "carrying our own crosses" because we don't understand what He really did for us and how we don't have to do a single thing now. I sense that spirit in a lot of places, too. Like, I'm hanging with Jesus and talking to Him and I can tell that the Jesus these people claim to know they really don't entirely. They fear Him, sure, and stand in awe of Him and love His presence, sure, but they don't know His love and that's everything! They're so Old Testament, hahaha. Ahhhh. I just feel so at peace with knowing this. It saddens me, but I'm peaceful with it all now. It's crazy cool.
I just love being me, chill, relaxed, cool as all get-out, hanging, playing music, reading, nerding out, being me Martina. I love it. Makes me so happy. Anything that squelches that isn't worth my time at all. Bye bye, dead things.
Bye. Grace and peace, love. Bye.

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