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Friday, February 1, 2013

Journal 25

So I'm just pumped. I'm just pumped by Jesus. He's the greatest Lover. And it's all so simple. I don't have to conjure up feelings about You, they just are in me. And I can just enjoy them. My love with You is just Your love with me and that's what makes me me. I get to bask in Your embrace, Your sweet, gentle, gracious embrace. You are so gentle. I asked You to remind me of gentleness and You did. There is literally nothing I can ask You for that You won't show me already exists and (can) manifest(s) in my life. You give me everything. You are my everything. You make me feel alive because I am alive. You make me alive. You made me alive.
Dear Lover of my soul,
I love looking into Your eyes (my eyes). I love seeing Your soul reflected in them (my soul). I love how divinely connected we are. I forget sometimes but You always wake me back up. You make me feel alive. You counted me in from the start. You've got me feeling like a child now. You are the pleasure I always had/have as a child (of You). I can remember dancing around the Garden with You. That's my secret place, my favorite part. Favorite not in relation to any others, but favorite as my soul yearns and is fulfilled. Favorite as in untouched, pure desire and passion. Ecstasy. Sweet You rock and sweet You roll. Wow. Fear of You. Bliss that has no words.
When we dance, we manifest Eden/reality. When we sing and play music, we entertain the angels.
Twice I've felt Jesus poke me. It was like a spark.

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