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Friday, February 8, 2013

Journal 29

So God...
I'm discovering Your love and pursuit of me as Father in this moment of my life (not restricted by by that I mean, who really knows how long this moment will last...). I realize...I don't really know You...or feel like I could know more, whatever, about You as Father. I want to be pursued by my Father because I lack in experience. Nothing negative here, just honest thoughts. And it's okay! Haha! Everything's okay now. :)
So Daddy...
I realize that I have the mind of Christ and streams of living water flow in my's just a matter of realizing it. So some words/names I can use to describe You (though I feel they are few and limited...) are here below:
Daddy--You play with me, push me in swings, throw me up in the air, play games with me, watch over me, guide me, give me advice, give me wisdom, show me the world, protect me, talk to boys
Protector--You do anything and everything for me...You already did and now manifest it...woahhhh, I don't know...reveal Your knowledge that's in me, Christ! Remind me of Your safety because I've forgotten in my carnal mind...Let me feel comfortable with You as Dad. Show me love as Father, show me love as daughter. Show me how to be comfortable with You at all times, Daddy

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