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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A love letter

I wrote this love letter to Jesus on the 15th after seeing a romance movie. I was so high off His love portrayed in it. Personal parts have been taken out as I feel led for discretion's purpose. You may hear about them later. :)

Hey Dearest Jesus,
You're so my love. My one true Love and Lover. I will always love You, no matter what. Sometimes I feel like I don't because the people around me worship a false...worship an ideology and not You. They don't know that You are so lovely and stuff. But I just want You to know, that I always love You and I know what my soul is always singing now, no matter what accusations or thoughts may come against me. I love You, I'm in love with You, totally and utterly. And You are truly the greatest Daddy ever, for real. I'm learning so much from You and it's crazy how much I can. It's so fun knowing You and remembering how stinkin' close we actually are! That's why I love all these romance movies because they remind me of who You are to me. Hero, Savior, Sweetheart, Lovely, Passionate, Graceful, Hopeful, Faithful. Love, oh Love, I want You to know that I will forever love You by Your love, forever and always. Not limited by time... hahaha. :)

You're so good, first Love. God, You're so good. I relish in Your sweet, beautiful love. You love me so much and I know it. I can feel it.
Love, help me to feel it as I lay my head down tonight. To know that You are there with me, laying next me, breathing life on me as tender and sweetly as ever. That Daddy, You stand protecting me. That Holy Spirit, You're still revealing to me and reminding me, keeping me awake at that good 'ol banquet table. Daddy, let my sleep be a continuation of our love dream feast. Let's travel as hippies together, kay? Let's be crazy and adventurous when I rest, kay? Kay. :)
Daddy, let my awakening in the morning be the same. Let me start out finishing our journey. Haha. Let me be reminded of our secret place. Let me feel the cool air, Your warmth, Your embrace, Your morning coffee breath. Hehe. Let me feel Your wind blowing Your love into my arms in the morning.
And Daddy, keep doing what You're already doing throughout the day. Keep reminding me, keep letting me feel Your love, keep me in the shape of Your bosom. Love me, be pleased with me, remind me.
Love, oh love, I want You to know that You're as beautiful as me.

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