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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Journal 27

Ahaha. You so good. You so wine. New wine of the grape covenant! Hahaha.
So so in love with You, Lord. Jesus!
You know, I just had a's one of them soullll thoughts.
At some point, you stop writing for everyone to see and start writing from your soul. Then the world sees. They're blinded otherwise, ahaha. Baha. Baaaaa, said the sheep of the Lord. Hehehe. When the world sees, they either receive their goodness or get ticked and persecute you. Either way, they're really seeing and loving or hating it. Hehehaha.
Just to be with You, God. Hahaha. What a giggly good God You are. GOTCHA! Hahaha.
In Your presence is the fullness of joy. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're seated in joy now. Haha. Your blood cleansed us to joy. Boooooom, psh/............
Cause lovin' You is easy. So so easy. Like the greatest essay ever written, lalalalala, hahaha!
It's nice being enjoyed as You are enjoyed......
Pleasure's forever in Your right hand!! Haha! Sparkity spark spark, ahr har!Bebe
WE AREN'T SEPARATE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wibbowoowwwow!!
redemption sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
sign....or's whatever....
fullnesssss, yes. i say yes to you, fullness. my belllayyy, hey!
pleasure, comfort, all of the things. all of the good things in my belly

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