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Sunday, December 30, 2012

I don't think I'm gonna make this an official journal entry this time. Not feeling it, ya know?
I've noticed that people are actually reading this thing. Coolbeans! I'm pumped that my thoughts are spreading the Gospel! Or should I say the Holy Spirit uniquely in me? Haha. So good, He is!
Uhhh...well, I just felt like posting since I haven't in a little while. I don't particularly have too many thoughts for this one cause I've already talked to Jesus about them. Earlier, we were talking about college because someone said something about it's worth that made me frustrated. Needless to say, those kind of comments always make me more sure of God's placing me at HU. Man, I seriously love a good wrestling thought. That's probably one of my favorite parts of college, or at least HU. I love being able to discuss stuff with people who think differently than I do, not that I get to back down on the Gospel, but that I get to understand where they're coming from, sympathize with them, and be right there with them in mind and heart. Dang, son. So good, hahahaha.
And I can also say that I finally feel like I'm legitimately just moving on in life. It's cause I'm learning to quit fearing what all these adults in my life fear about their own and to trust in God. It's cause I'm finally returning to the real main thing, Holy Spirit. It's cause I'm realizing Christ more so I'm realizing myself more. It's cause my soul is bursting out of my skin. It's a cool feeling, really. Freedom to move. Ah, beautiful.

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