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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I'll be honest--I'm a bit ticked right now.
I'm tired of seeing the opinion-based spewings of hardcore kids all over Facebook comment sections. Hiding behind good rhetoric is not gonna help anyone but will only make you feel better about yourself because let's face it, that kind of pompous language is an attempt to sound clever and witty and no one freaking cares unless you're hardcore. And isn't hardcore always about proving yourself to some group or someone? Isn't it always about hazing and bulljunk like that?
I've just about had it with the hardcore scene. It sucks. There's been very little good come out of it recently I feel like.
But here's my point...even this opinion that I have I don't hold on to in fear of being wrong. I just don't take myself seriously enough and try to cleave to a value system and defend it with my whole mind and fists that it matters enough. Constructive thoughts are wonderful, but I've just had it with the loaded academic rhetoric bull. What's the point? To be pompous? That's just plain dumb. Get a life.
Or really, friend, just realize that you're already good. There's nothing deficient with you. You needn't try to prove that anymore. Be yourself and love yourself and life. Jesus does about you, hardcore kids. He really does. You've got nothing left to prove. I promise.

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