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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tips For Thriving This Semester

So lately, I've been super busy. Like, kinda of annoyingly busy. It's caused me to almost melt down a few times and it started creeping up again this morning. I've been frustrated because while I really don't mind lists and the practicality of them, I also miss the spontaneity of living life with people. I'm learning and figuring this out...But at any rate, I felt like making a list of ways to keep myself personally healthy was mega appropriate. I felt like sharing them on here just because I wonder if this could help anyone with the same dilemma (upper-classmen? future upper-classmen? busy people?). So without further ado, here goes (PS, specific names and places have been left out to maintain confidentiality):

-Plan out my weekly schedule; class times, homework, lunch, meetings, miscellaneous needs, free time (social time? Who to see?)
-Remember that it is only just one semester and there are no guarantees that next semester will be remotely the same; peace with now and later
-Praise Jesus for a few minutes when I wake up and also in the shower
-Don't listen to music on way to class all the time; be smart about timing (don't miss out on seeing people I know; pay attention to who I usually see when and be intentional about seeing them)
-Talk to Jesus about my schoolwork/homework (e.g. What do You think about this? How does this fit into what I know about Your grace and love for me and the world? How does this fit into what I'm learning over here [in this other subject or in life]? How does this effect what You have in mind for me ministry-wise? How does this effect my relationships?)
-Listen to lots of new music and get excited about future ministry! (Possibly implementing those ideas in a church or just going for it in a band! The possibilities are truly endless!)
-Hang out and have fun with Jesus later in the day (aka get stuff done early in the day and don't worry about it--just do)
-Write poems about how I feel. They will be later inspiration.
-Call mom once a week; Text sister once a week; email grandpa every 2 weeks; text dad once a month
-Settle into my internship placement neatly
-Have my own thoughts and offer them in classes
-Text/call boyfriend often; pray for him; write/share my heart for him
-See certain friend once a week (pick a normal day?)
-Meet with certain friend once a week or every 2 weeks
-Try to talk to certain potential mentor every week or 2 weeks if better
-Hang with close friend often and listen to friend (opens up doors for opening up and sharing/being honest)
-Go to chapel and be myself at all costs
-Go to old floor's floor worships every 2 weeks (support, be encouraged)
-Attitude of gratitude before anything else
-Blog my thoughts/share them on Facebook
-Go to hall's events
-Go to church regularly and don't freak out about getting involved unless it feels right
-Try to only go home every 3 weeks/once a month
-Help out at certain church's ministry joyfully
-Play my music out in the community when I think I can and invite friends to come
-Let people pursue me when they want to (in that way share my beauty)
-Lunch date with people who want to hang that aren't already in the big picture (on these specific days that I have available)
-Lather, rinse, repeat

Yes, it's long. But boy, does it put things in perspective! Enjoy if you so choose. :)

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