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Monday, August 26, 2013

Journal 40

So I'm back for a third year and thank God, last year, of college. I feel like I've grown so much this summer that I'm just ready to be doing life ministry and moving on from here. But alas, here I am. Sitting in my room at school, blogging about school. Eh.
I am excited about what Jesus is going to show me this year. He keeps reassuring me that He has a lot of amazing gifts for me. And that's super cool! Especially since I feel like so many people here are all about "what crazy thing is God going to make me give up this year?" or "how am I going to become more holy?" and striving working dumb stuff. So for Him to just be like "yeah, gifts, wud up" is like "woo! I just get to open them! cool!!!!" Hahaha. So all in all it ends up being good.
There's just so much change this time around. All I feel like I'll be doing is nerding out constantly. Reading and writing papers. And getting some worship leading in there. I'll like that but it'll also be frustrating because I know I'm gonna disagree with quite a few things that are taught or thought about. But whatever. Confidence revealer! Hahaha.
I'm in a new dorm that's way different than last year. It's way quieter. I don't know how much I really like that because I was in a quiet dorm my first year and it wasn't all that great. Of course I didn't realize that until after the fact but yeah. Last year's dorm was completely perfect  for me so now reverting back to a place that doesn't fit my personality is weird. But me being super busy all the time I feel like will offset that. So it works out.
I've been super upset about leaving my boyfriend and family the past two days. And it is what it is. Just figuring everything out and that takes time.
But I'm stoked to have my mind blown and am just ready to get the flow going again! Woo! Go Jesus for loving me so closely and unconditionally, for wrecking me with your grace, for always being for me from the very foundations of the earth, and for rocking my mind and theology cause I have Yo mind. Baboom shakalaka. Hehehe. I love You so much, Lover of my soul. You're the least boring Person ever. I heart You.
Onward to homework now I suppose.

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