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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Journal 33

Hey Jesus. I want to publicly acknowledge You on here. I feel like I haven't in awhile. Like, sat down and had a conversation with You here. It's cool.
Well, today was awesome. You sooo know what You're doing, it's awesome! Haha, You're awesome! Woot woo woo!
I'm so pumped with everything You're doing here on my floor. In my family. In my personal life. It's just so rad. I'm so pumped about what You're doing on this campus.
I thank You that You're WORKING in me! It's so comforting to know that it's nothing I do, really! Haha! I thank You that in You, I can hope and I am free to live and to learn and to make mistakes and to doubt and to have faith. I thank You that I AM faith, hahaha. You're so good. :)
Let Your love be revealed to everyone on my soul right now, hahaha. Let Your love manifest in their lives in crazy ways.
You smell like heaven to me and I smell like heaven to You. Yay :) :)

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