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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Am Robin, Hence The Tights, Kid

Hello. Although I realize that virtually 0.6% of everyone around me speaks no French, Bonjour. Ca va? You're good? That's good. I am delighted! Yay for good days.

This is a first blog and I should make a first in words. Have I ever put these following words together? I don't know.

I am named Martina.
I am living a life solely devoted to Jesus Christ.
I am a believer in every Word of the Bible.
I am a youth group kid at a local music venue.
I am a church fan.
I am, unfortunately, a human being.
I am faulty.
I am a musician.
I am a guitar player.
I am a song writer.
I am quite the afficionado of bands, and discovering new ones.
I am an extreme music nerd.
I am a writer.
I am always sporting band tee shirts and Chuck Taylors.
I am not fond of fixing my physical aspects.
I am a frequent concert-goer.
I am a collector of concert tickets and autographs.
I am the proud owner of Fred Mascherino's guitar pick, circa Warped Tour 2008.
I am fascinated by interesting people.
I am interested in fascinating people.
I am a piece of a wonderful family.
I am very fond of lyrics.
I am a punk rock fan, and therefore, punk is my favorite genre of music.
And I am now an official blogger.

Yes. Heck yes.

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